Apple To Add Group Video Calling Feature to Facetime in iOS 11

Facetime lovers rejoice! New rumors suggests that Apple is going to add support for group video chat option in Facetime for iOS 11.

iOS 11 is expected to be released in WWDC this year which is expected to happen in first week of June. However, iOS 11 will be made to public later this year with release on new iPhone 8 (as we know from rumors).

Video Calling Feature Facetime

Authenticity of the reports cannot be verified yet. According to sources, people familiar with iOS development have confirmed that feature. In my opinion it is very important for Apple to update their Facetime and equip it with group video calling feature.

Group Video Chatting Feature in Facetime for iOS 11

It is because we haven’t seen any notable update for Facetime since it was released back in 2010. Facetime has lot of competitors like like Skype and Google hangouts. Interestingly all supports group video chatting feature. Apple has got lot of homework to with Facetime. As you can see the competition is quite high now. With such high competition, Apple is bound to release some new feature for Facetime.

Earlier, same was issue with iMessage app. Luckily, it got Apple attention and with iOS 10, the fruit company added lot of new features to its messaging app.

These updates had made it back in the arena again to compete with likes of Whatsapp. According to reports, iPhone users are very loyal and these loyal users demands Facetime updates.

If Apple disappoint them again with iOS 11 release, it might lose lot of its new iPhone potential clients.

As for now, we just have to wait for first beta release of iOS 11, which is expected in first week of June in WWDC.

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