Best Cydia Sources/Repos for iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.2 Jailbreak

With new Yalu iOS 10.1.1 and Yalu 10.2 jailbreak coming as a surprise to iOS users, most of the Cydia tweaks developers have already updated their tweaks to support the latest iOS version.

Job is not finished with only jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and having Cydia installed. Rather, it is where the real fun begins. If you have also jailbroken your iDevice in order to be able to customize it, you really need to consider adding some powerful Cydia repos.

Cydia Sources for iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.2 Jailbreak

Best Cydia Repos for iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.2 Jailbroken iDevices

Here are some of the best Cydia Sources/Repos for iOS 10, 10.1.1 and 10.2 jailbroken devices.

ModMyi Cydia iOS 10 Repo

This Cydia iOS 10 repo does not need any introduction. Equipped with thousands of both free and paid tweaks, ModMyi tops our list of top Cydia Repos for iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.2 jailbreak.

BigBoss Cydia Source for iOS 10

If you are looking for customization related Cydia tweaks then you must add BigBoss source to your iOS 10.2 jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Inside this Cydia source, you will find all the famous tweaks that allow you change your iPhone theme, ringtone or even the boot logo.

iHackStore Cydia Repo

Want to get most out of your jailbroken iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 6S, SE or iPad? If answer is yes then you must consider adding this repo to your jailbroken iDevice.

xSellize Cydia Source

iPhone game addicts should not forget to add xSellize Cydia source to their jailbroken device. xSellize repo contains tens of hundreds of tweaks related to different games including some popular ones.

iCleaner Pro iOS 10 Repo

Chances are high that you would have heard of famous Cydia tweaks named as iCleaner Pro. If you have not heard of this tweak, it actually cleans up your iPhone from un-necessary log files etc. to make it faster. In order to download iCleaner pro on iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.2 jailbroken with Yalu, you need to add iCleaner Pro repo to your iPhone.

These were some of best available Cydia sources for iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.2 jailbreak. If you we missed any, let us know so we can include that too.

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