Check Remaining Battery Time Estimate on Macbook in macOS Siera 10.12.2

Apple is known for its bold decisions which have been playing positive role for Company so far. However, things seem to be changed now. When Apple announced the new Macbook Pro 2016 version last year, it received lot of criticism for removing the important ports that were widely used by Pro users.

Removing ports wasn’t the only issue Apple was criticized for. According to reviews, new Macbook Pro 2016 models showed very inconsistent battery life. To solve that issue, the fruit company took yet another bold step and removed the feature that showed remaining battery time estimate on Macs.

Check Remaining Battery Time Estimate macOS Siera

This feature was most widely used by lot of users as it allowed them to get estimated time their Macbook will survive on battery. However don’t worry if you were avid fan of that feature. This step by step tutorial will help you get the estimate battery time remaining on your Macbook Pro on macOS Sierra 10.12.2.

Guide to Check Remaining Battery Time Estimate on Macbook Pro in macOS Sierra 10.12.2

There are many third party apps available that will show you remaining battery time estimate related information on your Macbook Pro, but some of them are paid. Other than that, having such apps will put unnecessary burden on your RAM. So why go for third party app when you can check this information using built-in utility in macOS.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log on to your Macbook Pro

Step 2: Make sure it is running on battery power.

Step 3: Open the Launchpad and go to Other folter.

Step 4: There you will see Activity Monitor. Launch the Activity Monitor utility on your Macbook Pro.

Step 5: Once it is opened, you will see Energy tab in top tab bar.

Step 6: When you are in Energy tab, look at the information in bottom on window. You will see battery time remaining related information there.

Let us know if you faced any issue.

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