Check your iPhone Battery Status with BatteryLife App for Free

With the passage of time, batteries wear out and iPhone one is no exemption. If you like me are very curious about the battery life or health of your iDevice, then you need to check out this new App just released in App Store.

Named as Battery Life, this app promises to give you accurate status of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch battery status so you get to know if its time to change it or claim warranty.

Check iPhone Battery Status with BatteryLife App

When iOS was first released along with original iPhone, lot of users criticized it for such a close OS. It is because Android is offering lot of options to its users from changing user interface. On the other hand, users cannot set ringtone that is not part of iOS default ringtones. This is where Cydia was invented by Saurik.

However, the Cydia wasn’t as simple as it looks. Users are required to first jailbreak their iPhones and iPads. Only after jailbreak, access to Cydia can be gained.¬†Once jailbreak is achieved, users can download variety of tweaks from Cydia store to play with iOS.

Battery Life App for iPhone Review

Coming back to Battery Life app, it is very surprising that such app is available because normally we see these kind of apps in Cydia. Once downloaded and installed, launch the app by tapping on its icon. It will show if your iPhone battery is okay or need to be replaced.

Apart from your, you can check the estimated time your battery will last on depending upon different activities and the juice remaining. For example, you will see time battery will last on talk time over 3G/4G etc or simple web browsing.

Battery Life App is can be downloaded from iOS App Store for free and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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