Cydia Extender Released to Fix 7 Days Signing Issue on Sideloaded Apps

If you have been into jailbreaking, you would have heard of Cydia Impactor. It is a tool that allow users to sign and then re-sign sideloaded apps from .ipa files. However, the issue with sideloaded apps in iOS devices was re-sign. It means that users have to sign-in the sideloaded ipa files again after 7 days.

Lets take example of Phantom for Snapchat. As the app is not officially available in App Store, so you have to get its IPA. Now in order to install .ipa file to iOS, one will need to get help of Cydia Impactor. This tool uses Apple free certificate to sign such apps, but there is a drawback.

The free Apple certificate is only valid for 7 days. So users have to re-install and sign in such IPA files after 7 days. Another issue was users have to connect their device to computer in order to proceed with re-sign.

Cydia Extender to Fix 7 days issue

To solve this 7 days signing problem, Saurik just released a new tool called Cydia Extender. As its name suggest, this tool extend the 7 days period. As per early reviews, it can extend the period of sideloaded apps to upto 7 days. It is a great news as this work with Yalu jailbreak too.

How to Use Cydia Extender to Fix 7 Days Signing Issue of Sideloaded Apps

The main aim of Cydia Extender is to resolve the 7 days issue for jailbreak users. But the problem with Cydia Extender is that you will need to have paid Apple developer account in order for Cydia Extender to work at its maximum power It is because the free Apple developer account only offer certificate that is valid for a week.

Cydia Extender could have achieved lot of praise and success if it had support for free Apple developer account. Anyways, if you have paid Apple developers account, then you are good to go. Simply follow the instructions posted below to install Cydia Extender:

  1. First of all download the Cydia Extender.
  2. Make sure it is properly installed.
  3. When you launch it for the first time, it will ask you to enter your paid Apple developer account details.
  4. Sign-in with your credentials to start Cydia Extender.

When you have Cydia Extender activated, you can enjoy Yalu iOS 10.2 jailbreak as well as other sideloaded apps for one year without any signing required after 7 days.

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