How to Fix Cydia Impactor Couldn’t Resolve Hostname and IPA.Cpp Errors

Are you getting couldn’t resolve host name error or ipa.rpp errors when trying to sideload iOS Apps IPA file with Cydia Impactor? This is how you can fix it.

Cydia Impactor is great alternative to Xcode, which allow you sideload your favorite iOS apps from its IPA file to your iPhone or iPad. Previously when you were to sideload any app from its IPA file, you were required to have a Macbook with Xcode installed on it. The reason was there wasn’t any version of Xcode for Windows available. Thanks to this new tool named Cydia Impactor, now users can easily sideload IPA files from Windows.

Fix Cydia Impactor Couldn’t Resolve Hostname and IPA.Cpp Errors

Lot of users are facing  “Couldn’t resolve hostname error” or ipa.cpp:150 errors on iPhone when trying to sideload any iOS app or game IPA file from their Windows PC. Actually, the more popular the app is, the more it troubles the users. It is because such famous apps receives regular updates from their developers. As updates are released quite frequently, some bugs are left that annoys the users. Cydia Impactor, though is almost bug free, but does give hard time to its users when it is not in good mood.

Fix Cydia Impactor Couldn’t Resolve Hostname and IPA.Cpp:150 Errors

There are some methods that you can utilize to get rid of this Couldn’t resolve hostname error error. Start following from top and hopefully your issue will be resolved.

Method # 01: Problem with your Internet Connection

Make sure your Windows PC or Mac is connected to proper internet connection. If it not, connect it to internet. Now try again sideloading the IPA file to your iPhone.

Method # 02: Re-Install Cydia Impactor

Sometimes this problem main culprit is the app itself. All you need in that case is to uninstall Cydia Impactor from your Windows PC. When it is done, download the latest version. Re-install Cydia impactor again.

These were few methods to help you get rid of different Cydia Impactor errors/problems. Specifically the ipa.cpp:150 will be no more there in Windows when trying to sideload ipa files.

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