Guide to Download and Install Phantom for Snapchat for iOS 10/10.2 without Jailbreak

Cannot live without Phantom? Follow these guidelines to download and install Phantom for Snapchat for iOS 10 and iOS 10.2 on your iPhone and iPad without need of jailbreak.

Thanks to such a close operating system from Apple, users always look forward to jailbreak solution. If we look from stability point of view, Apple is correct in not allowing its users play with iOS.

Download Phantom for Snapchat

This has played an important role in iOS performance and stability. According to research, iPhone that are jailbroken are more prone to different kind of errors and non-jailbroken ones. Due to this reason, many iDevice owners avoid to jailbreak their devices. At same time, they want to enjoy Cydia tweaks. Previously we covered tutorial to download MovieBox without jailbreak. Here we are today with yet another important Cydia tweak that Snapchat lovers are dying to get.

Snapchat is very popular social media network among you generation because of its unique features. Phantom for Snapchat without jailbreak is a Cydia tweak that was developer to enhance the Snapchat user experience on iPhone more enjoyable while adding some interesting new features that Snapchat users have been begging about.

Some key features of Phantom for Snapchat include giving users ability invoke snap log which will then automatically save the snaps to your iPhone photo album. Now if you want privacy, with Phantom for Snapchat, you can password protect these Snaps incoming feed.

Another great feature of Phantom for Snapchat for iOS 10 include changing the font size, type, color etc. if you feel bored of default ones. In short, you can try and improve your Snapchat experience with Phantom for iOS 10 Cydia tweak.

If you have decided to get Phantom for Snapchat but hesitant to jailbreak your iPhone then proceed with steps below to get your wish fulfilled:

  1. First of all download Phantom for SnapChat IPA.
  2. Place it on your desktop.
  3. Now download Cydia Impactor and install it.
  4. Launch it and drag and drop the Phantom for Snapchat IPA to it. It will start installation.
  5. Give your free Apple developer account details when asked.

Once installed, you will get all the features of Phantom without jailbreak as you would have got with jailbroken version.

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