New Patchfinder by Xerub Bypasses KPP/KTRR (iOS 11 Jailbreak)

After hiding under the rock, Xerub has finally make a comeback with release of patchfinder. This new patchfinder bypasses the Apple Kernel Patch Protection or KPP mechanism and also igones the KTRR.

This is great development that will help jailbreak community to easily gain iOS 11 jailbreak in near future. Recently, Phoenix iOS 11 jailbreak was released based on iOS 9 exploit and now this patchfinder by Xerub. It looks like good old days for jailbreak community have arrived.

Patchfinder by Xerub for iOS 11

What is Xerub Patchfinder that bypasses KPP/KTRR in iOS 11

The main reason why Xerub patchfinder is very important are mentioned below:

  1. Since this xerub patchfinder bypasses the KPP, so it opens up way for 64 bit devices including iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 8 Plus and iPhone X.
  2. Meanwhile, with current jailbreak tools, users are facing issues of reboot loop etc. This xerub patchfinder is said to be free from all such horrors.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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