Nintendo Announced Fire Emblem Heroes for iOS, Releasing on 2nd February

After getting huge success with Pokemon Go, Nintendo is taking the mobile games business seriously. The company has just announced the release of Fire Emblem Heroes game for iOS devices.

Fire Emblem might not have strong fan base in USA yet. However it has pretty strong fan base in Japan as it debuted in 90s there while it came to USA in 2003. The game was giving pretty hard time to users on Nintendo platform. However, we expect it to be fairly easy on iOS devices as showcased in yesterday event.

Fire Emblem Heroes for iOS

Fire Emblem Heroes for iOS Gameplay & Pricing

Fire Emblem Heroes will be actually a role playing experience. Nintendo will offer number of characters of that franchise to choose from and enhance their powers/abilities as users proceed with levels. The game will be more strategic decisions based and to fit the battlefield on single screen, map is divided to 8×6 grids.

The game will be featuring different hereos/super characters from the original Fire Emblem Heroes original story line of warring kingdoms. User will have to gain abilities and power as they progress to unlock these special characters and add them to their army.

Don’t worry if you feel the gameplay will be too hard to get used to. Fire Emblem Heroes will have different play modes including Training tower mode. This will helps gamers to gain experience and also reward points to add special heroes to their team. Other than that, Arena Duel mode will be helpful to experience the real game battlefield experience.

Worried about pricing? Well, good news is that Nintendo will has opted for free pricing structure this time. Yes, Fire Emblem Heroes will be free to play with in-app purchases to gain coints etc. making it more interesting. The game is scheduled for release on 2nd February, 2017. Till then, keep your fingers crossed as lot of fun is on its way.

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