Phantom Cydia Tweak for Snapchat Updated to Support iOS 10

Snapchat has been reaching lot of new users each day and it at peak of its popularity. The reason is the lot of new features that were lacking in WhatsApp and other cross-platform messaging apps.

If you have been using Snapchat for quite a while and own iPhone or iPad, then I am sure you would have heard about Phantom Cydia Tweak.

Phantom Cydia Tweak for iOS 10

Phantom Cydia Tweak for Snapchat Now Supports iOS 10

Phantom is a Cydia tweak that brings lot of new features while at same time remove lot of restrictions that are added in Snapchat for iOS device. So with Phantom installed, you get to gain the control you want on this famous messaging app.

If you are hearing about this tweak for the first time, then head over to Cydia and install it. Believe me you won’t regret if you are avid Snapchat user. Some of the features of Phantom Like Cydia tweak for Snapchat include hiding the discover stories. This is like stealth mode as you are going through your friends stories and feed but they didn’t know it. In Snapchat update for iOS 10, some further limitations were enforced on iOS device owners and this tweak regains you the power.

Other useful features keeping the snaps in the feed and mark it as read whenever you like. This way you are actually controlling the sending of read receipts. Quite helpful if you want to read the snaps of your friends but also don’t want to let them know that you have read it.

By default, you cannot save snaps to your camera roll for offline viewing but with Phantom for iOS 10 installed, you can achieve this too. Good news is that Phantom Lite Cydia tweak for Snapchat is available in Cydia for free and compatible with iOS 9 and iOS 10.

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