RealCC Tweak: Disable WiFi and Bluetooth from Control Center in iOS 11.2 without Jailbreak

Apple introduced a new feature in iOS 11.2 control center which temporarily disconnect or turned off the WiFi and Bluetooth. It runs in background and automatically connects to network after some time thus consuming battery.

With RealCC Cydia tweak, you can completely turn off WiFi and Bluetooth from iOS 11.2 control center without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad.

Completely Disable Wifi and Bluetooth from Control Center iOS 11.2

The default functionality of iOS 11.2 does not allow you to completely turn off the Wifi and bluetooth from Control center. In order to do so, you will have to go settings app and turn off from there. This is lengthy process.

With RealCC for iOS 11 Jailbreak tweak, you will save some steps that will for sure save your time.

How to Install RealCC Cydia Tweak without Jailbreak

Since it is a Cydia jailbreak tweak, you will need to have your iPhone or iPad jailbroken before installing it.

Disable WiFi and Bluetooth from Control Center in iOS 11.2 with RealCC Tweak

However, thanks to a small workaround, if you have not jailbroken your iDevice on iOS 11.1.2, or iOS 11.2, you can still install RealCC Cydia tweak.

Follow the steps below to download and install RealCC Cydia tweak without jailbreak:

  1. Install Cydia without jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Add repo to there.
  3. Search for “RealCC for iOS 11”

When RealCC for iOS 11 Cydia tweak is installed, refresh Cydia and re-spring your iDevice. Once it is restarted, you will be able to completely turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth from control center on your iPhone/iPad in iOS 11.1.2, iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.3.

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