Solve iPhone Contacts Not Syncing with Apple Watch Problem

One thing I like about owning Apple products is the Eco system it provides. Just take example of contacts app. You update or add any new contact on your iPhone and the information will be accessible on all your iDevices and Macbook associated with same iCloud account. From past few weeks, Apple Watch users reporting that contacts are not syncing between their iPhone and watch.

To find a suitable solution for this annoying error, lot of research was done. After all such hard work, success was achieved. Some users are reporting that the contacts data is updated and it is also syncing. The problem is with contact pictures. It disappear. In fact, different users are facing different issues with iCloud contacts syncing feature.

iPhone Contacts Not Syncing

Problem # 01 and Its Solution: Contact Photo Not Syncing

To solve the first problem, follow below steps:

  1. Go to Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Log out of iCloud from there.
  3. Now login again and open the settings App.
  4. Check if you are successfully logged in or not.
  5. Now login to on your Windows PC.
  6. Under contacts, allow contacts sync through iCloud.

After following these steps, there should not be Contacts syncing error between iPhone and Apple Watch.

Problem # 02 and Its Solution: WiFi Connectivity Problem

Make sure that both of your devices i.e. iPhone and Apple Watch are connected to active internet connection. If it is ensured, just create a test contact on your iPhone and check if it is synced on all devices. If it is not, then follow the below steps:

  1. Launch Settings App on your iPhone.
  2. Turn ON Airplane mode.
  3. After few seconds, turn it off and reboot your iPhone.

Problem # 03 and Its Solution: Reset Both Devices

One option will be left to try, if none of above works. It is to reset one or both of your devices which are facing contact syncing problem. To start with, first create backup of your device or iTunes as well as iCloud. Only once you are sure about the backup, proceed with resetting your device.

After reset, log in to your iCloud account on both the devices. Again run a test by creating a dummy contact on your iPhone and then check it on your Apple Watch. The contacts would then sync across all the connected devices.

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