Uninstall AppSync Without Losing iOS 10.2 Jailbreak to Fix Cydia Tweaks Not Working

Are you facing problems on your iPhone after jailbreaking it with Yalu tool on iOS 10.2? Most probably, the issue are due to AppSync. Lot of users have reported that after installing AppSync for iOS 10, Cydia tweaks are crashing and there is Bootloop.

Uninstall AppSync Without Losing iOS 10.2 Jailbreak


AppSync is one of the most famous Cydia tweak that allow users to try out certain Apps before purchasing them. Lot of tweaks like vShare requires AppSync pre-installed.

Other features include installation of apps that are not in AppStore without Xcode. To summarize, AppSync is one of the main reason people jailbreak their iDevices.

Yalu iOS 10.2 jailbreak was released all of sudden. Due to this, AppSync was not updated to support iOS 10.2. That is main cause of issues faced by people after installing AppSync.

Guide to Uninstall AppSync in iOS 10.2 to Fix Cydia Tweaks Crashing

This step by step tutorial will teach you how to uninstall AppSync on your iPhone/iPad jailbroken using Yalu iOS 10.1/10.2 jailbreak tool. Do not worry, you will not lose any Cydia tweak or jailbreak status.

Follow the steps below to uninstall AppSync and fix the crashing issues:

  1. Slide to unlock your iPhone 7 Plus, 6S, SE, 5S and iPad.
  2. Launch Cydia on your device from homescreen.
  3. In Cydia search bar, type afc2add.
  4. Remove this and then close Cydia.
  5. Relaunch Cydia again.
  6. This time search for AppSync and remove it.
  7. Close Cydia again and then relaunch.
  8. Search for iFile and install it.
  9. Now you need to navigate to /var/mobile/library/Caches.
  10. Look for com.apple.mobile.installation.plist and delete it.
  11. Next look for com.apple.Launchservices-054.csstore and delete it.
  12. Close Cydia and refresh the springboard.

Now Cydia tweaks that were showing problems earlier after AppSync installation on Yalu jailbreak will be working perfect. In case you want to get AppSync again, simply launch Cydia and install it again.

That is it. Now you will not face any issues related to AppSync on your iPhone. Let us know if you have any question.

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