Install WiFi – The Strongest Link Cydia Tweak Without Jailbreak Free

For lot of people, WiFi is basic necessity. They cannot live without their iPhone connected to an active WiFi connection. It is actually valid because what is use of iPhone if it is not connected to internet as lot of its feature needs this.

If you are an avid internet user and enjoy it on your iPhone/iPad, then you will love the Cydia tweak we are going to share. Known as WiFi – The Strongest Link, this tweak automatically connect your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to the most powerful and fast WiFi network.

WiFi – The Strongest Link Cydia Tweak

By default, iOS connect to the first available WiFi network. Just think if you have tens of WiFi networks available in particular area but the best one is not on top in the list. If we consider the default iOS setting, it will connect your iPhone running on iOS 10.2 to the first one, no matter how slow it is. Users have to manually connect their iDevice to the best network. This will consume lot of time. How good it will be if we can save that time?

This is where WiFi The Strongest Link Cydia tweak comes to rescue us. Once you have installed this Cydia tweak, it will automatically connect your iPhone to the strongest and faster WiFi network available. Apart from that, WiFi the strongest link tweak also improve the WiFi scan range on the iOS 10.2 device.

Install WiFi The Strongest Link Cydia Tweak Without Jailbreak Free [iOS 10.2]

As it is Cydia tweak, so having Cydia installed is must. If you do not want to jailbreak your iPhone in order to get Cydia, do not worry.

WiFi The Strongest Link Tweak

You can have Cydia installed without jailbreak on iOS 10.2. Once done, follow the steps below to install WiFi The Strongest Link without jailbreak:

  1. Launch Cydia on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch.
  2. Add Biggboss repository to your iDevice. (List of iOS 10 Cydia repos).
  3. Once it is added, refresh the Cydia. Search for “WiFi – The Strongest Link” Cydia tweak and install it.

Officially the pro version of WiFi The Strongest Link is available in Cydia under Bigboss repository for $1.69. However, you can use the trial for free for few days. If you like it, you can then proceed with the full version.

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